About Us

mindCreations provides industry specific software solutions that aim to automate repetitive manual and error prone tasks. In industries with identified inefficiencies, our software has the potential to dramatically optimise the work flow by reducing hours spent on manual tasks and error checking of those manual tasks.

Our team is not only made up of awesome coders but also fully qualified engineers that have intimate knowledge and experience of their industries. If we have the opportunity to offer you a solution, you will know the tasks our solutions automate will have been managed or performed by our engineers for countless hours.

For the PT Drafting and Design industry, mindCreations has released PTBot©, a powerful tool that accurately translates engineering output data to ‘smart’ CAD line diagrams in accordance with the user organisation’s drafting/documentations standard within seconds which would otherwise take one to three days depending on the complexity.

This in itself already provides a significant time and cost saving moreover we understand the constant need to adjust and change. The ‘smart’ CAD line diagram created by PTBot© is made up of ‘smart’ objects that contain detailed information such as size, weight, length, extent and position which combined with our user friendly ‘smart’ tools makes it quick and easy to make design amendments or automatic quantity take-off.

Using PTBot© software package gives our clients the following main advantages over their competitors:

View a short video of PTBot© in action.