PTBot is a PT profiling software designed to help a draft person or engineer produce a PT shop drawing in minutes from structural analysis software tools like SOFiSTiK BIM Packages or Bentley's RAM Concept.

PTBot Features

Load the model, render the tendons, complete your shop drawing in minutes 


Import Tendons

Tendons can be imported from RAM Concept DXF files or SOFiSTiK json output via a dynamo script.


Render Tendons as Smart Objects

Tendons are programmatically rendered accurately following the geometry provided in the structural model.


Link Similar Tendons

Tendons with the same chair heights can be linked together to simplify the model.


Align Tendon Bubbles

Align selected tendon bubbles to an existing grid, reference plane or detail line.


Dimension Tendons

Dimensioning can be added between selected parallel tendons to reduce complexity in measurements.


Renumber Tendons

Selected tendons can be renumbered to any numeric range to suit the project requirements.


Show Intermediate Chair Heights

Show or hide intermediary chair heights for selected tendons to add or reduce detail where needed.


Resolve Text Clash

Automatically adjust chair labels positions to reduce text clash and save hours of manual drafting adjustments.


Review Tendon Clash

Easily identify which tendon segments are clashing with other tendons to spot potential issues with the model.


Create 3D View

The model can be visualised in 3D to inspect segment elevations and detect any issues not apparent in the 2D view.


Material Takeoff

Accurate measurements of required materials for site installation are provided in tabular format.

PTBot Demo

Watch a 3 minute demo of some of the features of PTBot Revit in action, showing how quick it is to import tendons and create a shop drawing. 

PTBot Benefits

Replacing repetitive error-prone tasks like drafting PT shop drawings with programmatic automation will yield huge savings in time and resources.

Automation that will deliver accurate and on time results each and every time will enable finite control of project timelines and cost expenditure.

Removing the need to check over adjustments and changes from last minute requests you can be confident updates to the model will be correctly rendered by PTBot. 

PTBot Versions



This version of PTBot installs as an add on to AutoCAD and works with output from RAM Concept.


PTBot Revit

This version of PTBot installs as an add on to Revit and works with output from SOFiSTiK BIM Packages and RAM Concept.

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